Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What are you waiting for?

I was at my indoor climbing gym last night and was watching as some people were attempting a fairly hard bouldering problem that involved a 'double dyno' to the next hold.  For those who have yet to give rock climbing a try (and I highly recommend that you do!), a double dyno is when the next hand hold is out of reach, so your only option is to jump from your current position on the rock face and attempt to grab the hold with both hands.  I watched as numerous people attempted the move, some being successful and some not.  Eventually, I felt as though I had a good grasp on how to approach the problem and figured I would give it a go.  I got myself where I needed to be, focused on the hold, envisioned my leap towards it....  and then never followed through.

- "What if I don't make it?"
- "I'm going to look stupid!"
- "People are watching me!"

These were the things that rang through my head as I tried to focus on what I wanted to do, and in the end prevented me from even trying. 

As I recounted (and regretted) this tiny moment on my drive home, it made me think of how often we let our fear of failure and concern for what others might say or think hold us back.  I bet we all can think of things in our lives we really wish that we could do and have thus far been too afraid to try.  Now ask yourself 'Why?'     .......      Exactly.

Today and in the days to come, I encourage you to stop discounting yourself and your abilities and to stop worrying about what others may think.  There is no 'failure' in life, only redirection - erase it from your vocabulary.  Instead, stay true to your passions, no matter how big or how small, how ordinary or different.  Follow their lead.  Start doing.  Always take that first leap.  You will never regret 'trying', and your successes will only lead to a happier, more fulfilled you!

(P.S. - I find my sources of inspiration for these blog posts comical...  such minuscule nuggets in my day seem to spawn such elaborate thoughts!)

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