Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolution Time!

'Tis the season of positive changes!  Any exciting resolutions to kick off 2012?

Personally, I'm not a believer of setting a 'start' date for a resolution.  With any significant change I want to make, I first have to truly understand and believe in why the change is needed - not just desired.  When that 'aha!' moment finally happens, I become commited that day.  In the very moment I am living.

That being said, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about self improvement on a daily basis and not just around the turn of a new year.  I spend every morning thinking about how I am going to make my day as happy and positive as possible for me and those around me, as well as visualize how I want to react when faced with an unexpected challenge or obstacle.  Above anything else in my day, if I have smiled, laughed, had fun, and portrayed that same amount of joy to the world - I have been successful.  This reflection and internal pep-talk over my morning coffee allows me to be more in tune and aware of fulfilling that daily goal.  I encourage everyone to take a few minutes everyday to meditate on how they handled the events of the previous day and ways they would like to improve themselves for today.  You may be surprised in how aware you become of your actions and reactions to the events of your day!

Stay Happy, Friends!

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