Monday, January 9, 2012

On life and aging... yes, I understand I'm only 25.

I'm the youngest in my Monday morning yoga class.  This is just a rough estimate, but I would guess that everyone with the exception of the instructor is old enough to be my parent with the possibility of a few grandparents thrown in the mix.  That being said, this morning as we were all tinkering around on our mats waiting for class to start, I was listening in on the conversation surrounding me...

"I wouldn't ever go back in life.", "You know what they say, you always wish you knew then what you know now!", "I would never want to relive my 20's and 30's!" - these were just a few of the notable comments made in the conversation.

I, of course, being of the general age they were referring to, just listened quietly from the back of the class.  I've heard people of this age group say these things a million times (at least), but I still sat there wondering if everyone feels this way when they start to reach their 50's and beyond.  What I will think of my current self in 20 years?  Will I really be happy it's over?  'Cause I think I'm having a pretty good time!

I understand that life contains a lot of trial and error.  You'll have times when things fall into place, and times when nothing goes as planned or desired.  Life contains a lot of learning from your mistakes, and generally, the younger you are the more mistakes there are to be made.  I get that, however, I don't like the idea of looking back at these events as hardships we wished we had never endured.  I think we should appreciate them.  Respect them.  If life was just rolled out with a red carpet for us, we would never have opportunities to become better individuals.  Without mistakes, we are never forced to reexamine ourselves and our actions.  Through success we reinforce our personal strengths.  This eb and flow in life serves to mold us into the best we can be, should we choose to pay attention to it and heed it's advice...  Imperfection is important.

So, friends, do all you can to make the best of every second of your life.  Pay close attention to what works and what doesn't for you personally.  Savor everyday's little successes, and see the unexpected as an opportunity.  I think with this outlook, we will be able to better appreciate where we have been, and further enjoy where we are going.



  1. I am one of those who have reached the 50 year mark and love my life so far. However, I do agree with these ladies as far as not wanting to go back to these hardships because of the pain of some. However, I thank God for those hardships and appreciate them because of who I am today. So, I will continue to enjoy my life and take things as they come....and continue to look at the positive!!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Brit your line "Without mistakes, we are never forced to reexamine ourselves and our actions." is so true.......god knows I have made sooooo many mistakes but without them I would not be who I am today....

  3. I would go back and make MORE mistakes. Really, I would. All my greatest memories of late have been from extending myself beyond my comfort zone. So while I understand not wanting to re-experience things, I think your point is well taken that living life true to the moment is most important-- there's no reason to imagine what your future self might think of you now, rather be your authentic current self and let it develop.

  4. i love right now.. :0) let's talk in 20 years! :0) we'll be even awesomer!