Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eat your way to a happier you!

Winter is in full swing (sort of, the snow has yet to get the memo), which means shorter, darker days and an increased liklihood of feeling a little gloomy.  Did you know that you can help combat those winter blues with the help of Omega-3 fatty acid?  You heard right!  Treating yourself to a big seafood dinner will not only taste great, but it may help to make you happier.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, consumption of omega-3's may not only help to stave off mood disorders such as bi-polar disorder and post-partum depression, but supplementation with the essential fatty acid has become widely supported as having a distinct antidepressant role.

Going back to basic anatomy and physiology, our brain and nervous system is largely made up of fat and depends on omega-3 essential fatty acids as basic building blocks that are crucial to it's function.  We call them 'essential' because our bodies are incapable of creating omega-3's on its own, thus, they must be incorporated into our diet.

So, what is on the menu?  Here are some Omega-3 rich powerhouses:

-Flaxseed oil & Flaxseed seeds
-Fish oil (salmon)
-Salmon  (preferrably Coho)
-Fresh basil
-Romain lettuce

With the ever increasing bombardment of nutrient deficient, processed foods finding their way into our lives, it has become more and more important to practice mindful eating.  Whole, healthy foods in their truest form will provide the most benefit.  Just about any disease or illness out there can be linked to the insults we put upon our bodies, and I'm not just talking diet. (but that is for another day)

So - eat healthy, feel good, be happy!

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